Bed bug infestation is intolerable at any cost. It is unnecessary to hire expensive pest control providers before trying out some of the effective pesticides by yourself. There are many pest control products out there that you can use to do the job yourself and avoid paying for a bed bug removal professional. This way you can save some money. Keep in mind that I don’t encourage the use of chemicals, and that chances are uses of such products will not be as effective as having professional help. Nevertheless, I get a lot of questions asking about diy solutions and here are the ones I think would work the best. Always read and follow the instructions these products come with.

Diatomaceous Earth dust is an organic pest control product that can be used to control the nasty bed bugs without worrying much about the safety precautions as you do with other harmful chemical pesticides. It is derived from the fossils of hard-shelled algae named Diatoms. It is not the one that is used in the swimming pool filters. The Diatomaceous earth dust works as a laser sharp material towards the insects. It tears down and exposes the soft tissue of the insects when they come in contact with. People around the world have been using this pesticide for centuries. It is natural and does not harm other household pets.

SteriFab is a stain-free biodegradable disinfectant, which kills many insects including bed bugs. It is usually available in the spray form. In order to kill bed bugs altogether, you should make them wet with the spray; otherwise the bugs will most likely escape from the pesticide. So make sure to spray all hidden spots, crevices, zippers, buttons, etc. to fully eradicate the menace. It dries quickly without leaving any residuals, so it can be applied on almost everything except consumables and things used in cooking. Pyrethrins are known as the widely used household pesticides because of its long-lasting effectiveness. They are derived from chrysanthemum flowers. Pyrethroid is a synthetic form of pyrethrin and works in the same way as the latter do. In addition, it has been enhanced to be stable against sunlight. Make sure before buying any pyrethroid products if they contain the synergists such as MGK-264 and piperonyl butoxide, because they have rather increased effect on killing bed bugs. As soon as the bed bugs come in contact with the above chemical, they tend to have neurological dysfunction and eventually die within the next 24 hours.

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